The idea behind flower of life symbol

In geometry a point is considered 0 dimensional object. It doesn’t have volume, area, length or other higher dimensional analogue. Then we have a line, again it’s consisting of infinite points. And a square which we can say consist of infinite lines and cube which exist of infinite squares. The cube has volume, area, length and so on.

Now it turns out that we`ve created something of value out of nothing, mathematically. And math says if you take no matter how infinite number and multiply it by 0 , that would equal 0 still.
A point in my view, should be that closest thing to nothing. No matter how much you zoom it, it still remains just as small (which doesn’t make it nothing). An atom is mostly empty space but let’s not forget we all are atoms.

The problem I see is that nowadays science is still too deterministic, in their approach to explain the world. Instead I think we should be looking at patterns to explain the world. Whether they would be the duality/balance force, the flower of life, Fibonacci numbers and so on. As things in life repeat themselves throughout different scales(which is another pattern), if we manage to conclude something without an error about ANYTHIGN then we would be able to explain everything else with the same conclusion.
To put it simple if we try to determine things the way science does still to today, no matter how technologically advanced we are , no matter how small things we can notice (quarks) or how far into the universe we can see, how far back in time we can calculate how things were or how they would be after billions of years ahead, we would still hit dead end. That is because the approach is wrong, we are not looking for simple patterns that would provide us with simple and yet ultimate answers for the universe. We are far beyond the technological level required to be in order to test those patterns on different scales, in different time, locations and so on.

It’s not a coincidence Einstein had problems at school with the deterministic approach of science. Unlike the science community I can’t accept the “fact” that the universe is expanding before I find what is collapsing to allow this expansion. In buddhist perspectives you can find and understand the whole life in a flower, that is because it contains the same patterns that exist in the rest of the universe, that’s why the flower of life symbol is a simple pattern. You don`t need complexity to explain the world but simplicity. The most genius ideas in the world are simple, just like the falling apple Newton observed, it doesn’t take complex calculations and equipment to figure out gravity, but a proper approach.

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  1. VALERIE EDES says:

    Like this!

  2. gary says:

    We are all made of stars, of the same patterns, and i often think of the flower analogy, sometimes i see it smiling, smirking at science, mocking, taunting it; you wise white coated ones with your billions invested in defining and naming a collapsing or expanding or holographic universe of strings and strands or whatevers the latest dark mattered quarks of this and that trying to touch and sort and bottle the farthest reaches of the cosmos, pause for a moment, smell the roses, coz the answers are right here under your nose! There’s the miracle of the universe and it doesn’t need a deconstruction or a label it just is, inhaling and exhaling through its stoma along with us and begging us to take note of our breath we take for granted and begging us to join them in connecting with our cosmos instead of crucifying it.

  1. 2012-01-06

    […] in geometry have unique which means in Life, and may be utilized in art, Life, and religion. The Flower of Life is 1 of these holy symbols. It really is the modern day name of a geometrical figure, that is […]

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