What Death is Like

We determine what death is by what life is.To put it simple death is the oposite of life.Life is everything.We are life,the universe is, animals, planets etc. To ancient egyptians death (the underworld) remained uncreated, chaotic and irrational.Anyone who dies went there and was in confromtation with chaos (something like a lot of tests).Life for… Continue reading »


Path of Life

Nothing in life ceases to exist it merely changes from one form to another.And one could name ice and water as two different things but in their essence they are the same.So does with everything else in this world.E=MC2 or energy changes into matter(mass) and so is with space and time and so on.The whole… Continue reading »


What Does Success Mean

Different things carry different value for us.Trying to measure that value is impossible.Even if we manage to measure it, the next moment that value is going to change as value of things change for different people throughout time (value of happiness, success, risk etc.). In reality we are measuring value of those things constantly and… Continue reading »