Generosity and diversity

I thinked of a story to illustrate how something that seems good can turn evil very easily.
Imagine you are a rich guy living in a rich country. You decide, you are to spend some part of the money you have, to help a starving family after a tsunami disaster in Africa. So you find a family that indeed is in struggling to survive and you help them. Thanks to you and your support they manage to survive for one year.
After one year you go back to that family to ask them how are they doing. They answer you they managed to survive but now that they are going to have a child, which they didn’t expect, they can’t provide food and they face the same risks they did year ago (in aspects of surviving). You decide to help them again.
After another year the story repeats, they got another child and there were some other circumstances which makes their situation even worse than what it used to be year ago. Since your business goes well, you decide you are to help them.
Twenty years later your business crumbles and you tell that family you are helping that you can’t support them anymore because of your financial troubles. Only problem is they are still in that very terrible situation you found them in twenty years ago and now they have a dozen of childrens. They answer you they are doomed without your help and they are going to die if you are not to help them. Seing you won’t help them they blame you for the bad situation they are in.
After that you’d probably think how ungrateful they are and perhaps how they deserve their faith. The family would most likely seize to exist (or at least a big part of it) truly blaming you for your lack of responsability.
That’s the simplest story I could have thinked of to describe how things shift poles easily and good turns evil. Not only that man didn’t save the couple but he also doomed dozen more lifes. If you think about it you’d see how that story repeats itself through life constantly and in different scales. Power comes with responsability and we should all learn how to be responsible else that power will turn against us.

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6 Responses

  1. Stephanie says:

    interesting theory, although I was quite distracted with all of the misspelled words and misuse of grammar.

  2. admin says:

    It’s more like a sub article of the previous one and the one about happiness. And with the spelling and grammar I am sorry but english isn’t my native language :( Had never been good with grammar anyway.

  3. M. L. H. says:

    The rich man should have taught the poor family how to fish (how to support themselves). That way they would not be on his dole.

  4. Minek says:

    it reminds me of how america gave a large amount of food to one of the African countries, leaving them with no work and jobs. The country was still economically backward. Keep up the good work buddy!

  5. admin says:

    Ahh nice knowing you are around Minek. If you still want register in this worldpress and I will give you admin rights to post articles :)

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