Environment shapes who we are

Many people see things as black or white. Reality, on the other hand, shows that things are connected so well, with each other, that we can barely call them separate. The more one realizes those connections, the less he sees the world as black and white.

One of the clearest examples of how well things are connected is what we call environment. As I’ve written before, who we are is determined by the environment we’ve grown in and all experiences we’ve had. An extremely aggressive person could be a result of quite reasonable instinct for survival of someone growing in dangerous or aggressive environment. Should we put such a person in peaceful environment, he would most likely lose his synchronization with it. The result of such change is most often negative, in that case for both that person and environment. Thus should we try to understand someone better we should always think about the environment he has grown in.

We are not only being shaped by our environment, but we are environment ourselves and we help shape others into who they will be. As family is one of the most important parts in each person`s environment, we should try realize how adequate is our lessons to the kids we are raising. The more adequate those lessons are the less time they’ll take to adapt to the reality and thus more time they will have to change and shape the world into a better place.

Realizing the deep connection we are having with our environment and thus with everyone else, really makes it easier for one to see the world as a whole. Guilt and punishment should turn into desire to synchronize and tools to do so. That is also why a true morality is so important for everyone’s progress.
We remain blind for all things we are not capable of understanding. If we focus on expanding our own mind and thinking we are going to see so much more.

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