Does bad really exist ?

As I have written before, good can easily turn to bad without you knowing it. Whether that good, you are doing, will have positive result is a matter of change. The force of change is part of a duality that covers all aspects of life. To better understand it I can quote Yakuza, which are one of the biggest mafia syndicates in the world:
“The Yakuza is like pollution from exhaust fumes. Automobiles need gasoline to move. But if you use that gasoline and make the car move, exhaust fumes will come out. Anyplace you go, you will find this cycle.”
So in order for our society to move forward we create “pollution”. That pollution is part of a process and can’t be separated, thus crime will exist along with the progress of a society. That is due to the force of change. Since we all take different places along that process, we are different parts of that car Yakuza talked about. Some of us consume the gasoline where others create the pollution. If we say the ones that create the pollution in the society are bad is to show that we do not understand the whole process. Not to say those creating pollution never see any of that gasoline. What matters is that everyone has their function in the process. It’s neither good nor bad. I do hope the whole metaphor was clear enough.

Yakuza states that life is not about good or bad but rather what you do from the position you were given in it, a thought that originates from Buddhism. Even the mafia can have code of honor and not hurt civilians, for example, like Yakuza.
It is much easier for the richest man on Earth, who just inherits all his fortune, to also be the most generous one. Even after he becomes the most generous he’ll still have enough money that he won’t be able to spend until the rest of his life. A poor man might die because of his generosity and won’t even be noticed.

Good is relative term as most often a short term good causes negative result in a long term and a short term bad creates positive results in long term. In the end there is still good and bad in the world, as they are part of a process. The function of that process is not to change the life into a place with only good or bad but to change the person interacting with it, by providing him with experience and awareness.

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