What religion truly does is moral teaching and those teachings are quite common among all religions. All the holy books are the tools those religion had, back in time, to spread those teachings. All the stories those books contained were to help illustrate better particular ideas and spark one’s mind to think over the moral… Continue reading »


The Art of War

That’s a trully common sense logic and is just the things I like to think over. Also there are 8 more parts – simply wait untill the video is over and click the next part to continue watching. For more info about the book click here.


What Death is Like

We determine what death is by what life is.To put it simple death is the oposite of life.Life is everything.We are life,the universe is, animals, planets etc. To ancient egyptians death (the underworld) remained uncreated, chaotic and irrational.Anyone who dies went there and was in confromtation with chaos (something like a lot of tests).Life for… Continue reading »


Getting New Ideas

There are different truths for different people.Not every idea is suitable for you, but how to filter and obtain those that are? Imagine you live in a house and you want to have a tree in your garden.You go to the forest and see this amazing big tree.You start digging so you can take it… Continue reading »