Being Egoist

Being egoist nowadays is considered something bad by the majority of people, but egoism doesn’t mean you can`t be good with others.It means you do good to others because you really want to.
Many of us forgot how to be egoists and thus are living unhappy lifes, or are not very popular among others and so on.
Being egoist means you put yourself and your needs before all others.It means that others are no longer the driving power of your progress but yourself and your needs (at least for me) .
Society teaches us how we should do the things the “right” way and we are going to have the life we want to live.But even a 10 years old kids understands that what society tells you and what reality brings you (or what you really needs)are two different things.Those who follow the rules (or following other`s ideas) becomes loosers and those who express themselves and do whatever they want to, becomes the cool guys.No matter at which point of life you think of it, the story stays the same – those who follow the rules are loosers and those who don`t are cool.You might think it’s unfair but after all the one to blame is you, for following other`s ideas blindly.You needs to realise that nobody but you knows what`s good for you and what`s going to make you happy.Only you may walk your path of life and nobody else.
If you really want to do something good be egoist and do it without anyone else knowing of it.You will quickly notice that you are more helpful to others by being egoist.To be egoist also means that you keep your interests and part of them is the well being of all others.
Set your priorities carefully and remember – by being who you truly are you live your life on the fullest.

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3 Responses

  1. Peter Holmgren says:

    Being an egoist is a means of survival, and very necessary as well. If one does not maintain oneself, one cannot do anything for others.

    Helping others comes from the inside, by helping oneself first.

    Walking an independent path is not especially selfish, but it does create disagreement with the surrounding society. Any wanderer also see the wisdom in temporary adaption to the environment – to be able to survive. This is also called “social camouflage”, and is something that nature has done for hundreds of millions of years.

    Nice one, Nikolay…

  2. admin says:

    Ahh you put it so much better than me. I envy you. Either ways I totaly agree.

    • Peter Holmgren says:

      I have been In Theravada Buddhism for 32 years and I’m a cognitive psychologist on top. I fight to get the freedom back to people and to get delusional thinking out of the world. You know – one of the reasons why it is so easy to manipulate the populations is because delusional thinking is kept alive. People get confused and by that it is easy to mislead them, and then you can do what ever you what in the back room without them knowing. That is what the governments do today. However, I think you would need a different CMS for that, like Joomla.

      With this name you have “philosophy encyclopedia” you actually have an opportunity to help spreading precise knowledge to the people and help them focus again. Right now what you have is something in the sort of “experimental thinking”, which is also good, because it creates hypothesis’s that can be worth looking into and raise questions like “Why was it decided that it was wrong to kill? Why is it wrong to kill?”

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